Learning how to optimize your blog can be a tedious process, but the profit potential can a be very high. In today’s affiliate educational newsletter, we look at the six ways to monetize a blog with Affiliate marketing.

Know your target audience
You need to understand the characteristics of your visitors. What do they search for on your website and what do they hope to achieve on your blog. You need to know your audience to understand what they want. This means as an affiliate marketer, you need to get the right audience to see the right offers in the right way. One way of understanding your target audience is by using tools such as google analytics.

Create high value content
The saying goes, “Content is King”. Creating high value content is the pinnacle of making money with a blog. The easiest way to acquire free traffic what we call ” Organic Traffic” is by creating unique, useful and relevant content for your website.

Refresh old content and share it again
Updating high-performance blog posts is one easy method for getting more mileage out of your content and maintaining credibility as things change in your industry. Add new photos, new affiliate links, links to other relevant content on your blog, and take advantage of what’s working well.

Find good affiliate offers
Content but are not directed to take any action on the blog, then you are missing a lot of revenue. Your goal as a blogger is to drive sales and this can be achieved by using CTA such as Buy Now or Shop Now.

Optimize for mobile to increase revenue
Many people forget about mobile visitors and with the high penetration of smartphones in Africa, there is a huge opportunity to tap on the mobile visitors. It’s super important to optimize your website for the mobile audience to increase conversions.

Source: Jumia Blog


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