The Senate Committee on Information Communication Technology and Cybercrime is inviting the public to the first National Plenary conference on ICT, digital literacy and Cyber-threat. According to the Director of Communications for the conference, Bayero Agabi, “the aim of the event is to bring together end-users, practitioners and educators, researchers to exchange and share experiences in-order to present and discuss the trends, concerns, challenges and solutions adopted in the ever changing world of ICT”.

The conference is convoked basically to stimulate a collective reflection on the issues critical to the development of the sector.  Speaking on the expected participants, Bayero said relevant government agencies, private organisations, local and international development partners, civil society and non-governmental organizations and the general public are already signifying interest in participating. The Conference will obtain and articulate views on the theme: Nigeria’s ICT Development and Cyber Threats Management: Resolving Challenges for Greater Opportunities. Ultimately, the conference is expected to identify gaps inherent in the system, generate appropriate synergy in the relationships of stakeholders with a view to ensuring consistency and articulate a structured approach to resolving the challenges.

The Senate Committee on ICT, which is charged with legislative oversight responsibility over ICT development and cyber-crime control in Nigeria, finds it utmost important to galvanize regular consultations among a wide spectrum of stakeholders and the general public with a view to re-tuning the system so that information technology can indeed be effectively deployed in Nigeria and cyber criminality squarely faced.


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