By Martin Ekpeke

The Group, Chief Executive Officer of CWG Plc, Mr. James Agada has highlighted some of the memorable moments in the last 25 years of existence of CWG Plc, a company, touted as the most stable and largest Information and Communications Technology provider in Nigeria.

Admitting that it would be difficult to single out any particular moments in the life of the company as the most memorable one, Agada, who took over as the CEO in early 2016 said the company has enjoyed several moments that can be said to be memorable.

Chief among the memorable moments, according to Agada is the listing of CWG on the Nigeria Stock Exchange in November 2013, after the company had worked hard and hoped to be listed on NASDAQ.

It has been 25 years of many memorable moments in the life of CWG, but it will be very difficult to rate which one is most. A long time ago we were working and wishing that we would be listed on NASDAQ, and in November 2013, we got listed on the Nigeria Stock Exchange. That was a big milestone,” he told Journalists on the sideline of the Gala Night organized by the company in celebration of its 25th Silver Jubilee anniversary in Lagos last week.

He added that the survival of CWG from one generation to another generation; where in January of 2016, the company transitioned from the Founder of the company to a New Management is another memorable landmark for the organisation, pointing out that not every company founded by a Nigerian has survived beyond its founder.

Continuing, Agada also disclosed that the day CWG Plc brought Finacle into this environ and the impact it made in becoming the core banking application in Nigeria was a period of immense pride for the company, even up till today.

CWG Plc, which was hitherto referred to as Computer Warehouse Group, started as a Dell reseller in 1992, however, the company has since grown to be the largest System Integration company in Sub-Saharan African. With offices in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroun & Uganda asids from partner presence out of 27 other African Countries. They have also graduated over 1,500 students via the CWG Academy, which it birthed in 2010; to cater to the gap in the ICT skills market. 25years on, with a new management team, the sky is the beginning.


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