By Kester Omu

Pan-African and Nigeria’s largest system integration company, CWG PLC said the thriving success stories about the company in the last 25 years, can be attributed to its expertise in building innovations around products and platforms to service its clients, which cut across Financial Institutions, Telecom and Government.

The Group, Chief Executive Officer of CWG Plc, Mr. James Agada stated this last week, during a dinner to mark the Company’s 25 years Silver Jubilee Anniversary celebration in Lagos.

Innovations, he said, have exposed the company to discover some sectors of the Nigerian economy, which are yet to be tapped into, noting that the willingness to place innovations around products and platforms have exposed CWG to previously hidden knowledge about the potential in the Nigerian economy. “We discovered, for instance, that Nigerians spend N5 billion on gaming every day and that Lagosians alone were spending N1billion on transportation every day,” stated Agada.

This knowledge, he said created a basis to launch innovative solutions that further engender the growth of these sectors via technology. To this end, new businesses are opening up for CWG, by building technology solutions and platforms; backing it up with expert capability we in our own way, ultimately making people get value for their money.

CWG had only the previous month sealed a 5-year contract with the Enugu State Government to help transform the Enugu State Gaming Commission. The contract will see CWG exhibiting its 25years experience in building systems, automating processes and creating value to transform the Gaming Commission.

Agada, who was part of the CWG team from the early years, added that the company’s innovative prowess also helps it to change some of its business models; one of which is the ATM as a Service. He noted that the ‘ATM as a Service’ concept is positioned to helped banks focus more on their core business, leaving the worries of infrastructure and the workings of the ATM for CWG to manage.

Meanwhile, speaking of what Nigerians should expect from CWG in another 25 years, Agada said the next 25 years in the life of CWG would be about ‘IMPACT’. Meaning, the company will focus on solving the problem, some of which are considered very hard. “Our focus in another 25 years would be solving these problems, which will have a gainful impact on the life of Nigerians and other Countries, where we have operations,” he promised.

He believes solving problems will give the company longevity because problems are eternal. They will always be there, but the ability to keep on solving them will make the company out live them.


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