By Martin Ekpeke

Nigeria’s largest system integration company, CWG PLC has unveiled what it described as a 5-year growth plan and the operational strategy that would empower it to remain the leading service platform provider out of Africa.

CWG’s Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Mr. Adewale Adeyipo, revealed the growth projection plan in an interaction with Journalists in Lagos.

According to Adeyipo, after 25 years of doing business and providing services to major corporations in Nigeria and West-Africa, and being strategic partners for major multinationals in the continent, the next phase of CWG’s growth trajectory would be about making impact in some sectors of the Nigeria’s economy, where other service providers deemed impossible to penetrate.

“We have reengineered our operations, people and process to harness the opportunities before us. Our next line of growth projection is to focus on solving some sector’s challenge with indigenous solutions,” he said.

He listed utility, gaming and government as some of the sectors.

The company, which thrives on the ‘Can do Spirit’ as a core value and operational philosophy, added that its ability to roll out solutions that are addressing challenges in these sectors would continue to endear CWG to the customers in the next five years and above.

Adeyipo also noted that going by CWG’s knowledge of the Nigeria’s IT world, it has made a paradigm shift using the learning of 25 years to remain relevant for a long time. “CWG will be around for a long time creating incredible and innovative services in and out of Africa.  We are positioned to be the preferred service platform provider out of Africa in 5 years. You can be sure we understand the market trend and we are responding appropriately. We understand the new definition of customer service as regards the deployment of IT and value creation. We understand the season we are in,” he emphasized.

Given the dwindling state of the Nigerian economy and the drop in purchasing power, CWG promised it intends to deploy creativity to further boast Return on Investment (ROI), stressing that the company understands the business of technology; where technology by itself is a means to an end.


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