Leading technology blog, CFAtech will host the startup business community for the first time this year through its monthly programme, CFA’s Startups Hangout.

This is in a move driven by the CFAtech’a vision of providing mentorship, learning and growth to the teeming entrepreneurs and startups in Lagos and beyond.

This Edition of the CFA’s Startup Hangout which holds on the 5th of May, 2018 at 53 Oladipo Bateye Street, GRA, Ikeja will have in attendance three Industry heavyweights as speakers.

Speaking ahead of the Hangout, Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr. “CFA”, Founder of www.cfatech.ng said the whole idea is to see the startup ecosystem develop despite the very challenging business environment.

He said: “Frankly, these are indeed trying times to be an entrepreneur but, history has proven that in the face of great difficulties, focused and exceptional minds can go on to create life transforming solutions.

A number of people not just in Nigeria but across the world have proven that it is indeed to make something possible out of nothing through commitment. If you are a startup reading this post, it is important to note that this is certainly not the time to give up, rather this is the time to charge ahead on as long as you are not trying to flog a dead horse.”

Explaining why startups and entrepreneurs should attend the Hangout, he said, CFA’s Startups Hangout serves as a strategic avenue for startups to meet and learn from successful entrepreneurs, through divulging nuggets that will assist them to grow their various startups as well as network and synergize among one another.

Themed: “Building the Right Relationships and Partnerships.” The three experienced speakers will focus on how entrepreneurs, startups and businesses can advance their enterprises.

The theme will explore the various methodologies and strategies that allow any business-person to collaborate effectively to achieve certain business objectives.

To attend register here: https://startups.cfatech.ng/


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