With football being the uncontested favorite of the crowd, UBC365 offers each football lover a VIP experience doing what they love with fully Air-conditioned, conducive and comfortable environment, extensive options of football leagues around the world.

One doesn’t have to walk for long before finding in their numbers– straight-faced young men– whose concentration would pass them for betting employees.

Unarguably, this is so because online betting has quickly become a norm among Nigerians both old and young. And the birthing of this norm could easily be attributed to the enticing offers that almost numb the sense of loss.

However, for the uninitiated whose curiosity would like an insight into the world of betting, UBC365 is one brand that deserves some attention.

Making its entry in 2013, UBC365 is licensed in both Lagos, Abuja and Anambra state. It also has legal status in all states across Nigeria where sports betting is allowed.

Innovatively, UBC365 has succeeded in gaining relevance and reliability by taking advantage of European infrastructures; with services that offer sports, horse, and casino betting.

Becoming a member of UBC365?

To become a member, simply visit https://www.UBC365.ng and follow the direction.

Furthermore, UBC365 is renowned to give in-depth coverage of the sports bets available on the winners of matches, handicap betting options, correct score bets, over/under point totals, winning margins, combination bets and much more.

With football being the uncontested favorite of the crowd, UBC365 offers each football lover extensive options of football leagues around the world.

Included are leagues from Europe, Asia, America, and Africa.

Early cash out feature

This feature is sort of a safety net or better still a reset button. It is made available for customers who have made bad bets as indicated by the running sports; they could quickly retract their steps, even though they will take some hit by losing some cash.

Customers whose odds are indicated to be favorable from the onset of the going games are also offered with the chance to lock in their bet as soon as it is in their favor and cash out but without the total dues if the game was allowed to run its course until the end.

There is also UBC365 live betting, which allows you to bet on matches in real time as they happen. You can watch the game on TV or via your mobile phone and then place short-term bets on various things happening during the game.

You can as well place bets throughout the match as each side scores goals, blocks shots and so on all in real time.

For the record, ten matches are selected each week for customers to select the winner of each along with the total goals scored.

If by chance, you predict the winners of all ten matches correctly, you win the top weekly jackpot prize of 100,000,000 Naira.

And if there is a tie, UBC365 uses your total goal predictions as the tiebreaker. In addition to the main jackpot, UBC365 pays a mini-jackpot of 20,000,000 for 9 correct scores and 1,000,000 for 8 correct scores.

Additionally, UBC365 pays twenty consolation prizes each week for a total of 265,000 Naira in winnings. This competition is completely free to play and is open to all customers.

I rate UBC365 8/10; because it is a reliable brand and efficient in terms of service delivery.


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