Mr. Michael Thompson Williams, a Medical doctor turned cyber criminal has revealed details of how Nigerian banks are vulnerable to all sort of cyber criminality and can be hacked easily.

Williams, who was paraded by the Lagos State Police Command yesterday, said Nigerian banks, including government owned accounts are easily penetrated.

The 28 years old international hacker, revealed how he siphoned dollars from the account of American leading Hollywood actor, John Travolta. He said he has been monitoring Travolta’s account through a programmed device, where cash running into millions of US dollars were diverted weekly.

He explained that he has mastering of the credit cards, especially of those of deceased foreigners through what he called Cyber Ghost 12. “When the credit cards matures, it would be funded through a hacked Swiss account and then any transaction done by genuine account owner through Swiss account would be manipulated by me and wired to my contrived credit car,” he told the police.

Williams also specializes in sending fake alerts, mostly to car dealers, with the aid of  According to him, the seller would receive the alert and the said money also in the seller’s account, but would disappear after one hour.


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