Nigerian parents, here is what your kids search online, according to Kaspersky Lab’s latest Parental Control report.

Data from the report shows that kids in Nigeria visited communication sites (such as social media, messengers, or emails) 93 percent of cases over the previous 12 months, making these sites the most popular pages visited by computers with parental controls switched on.

Though, the percentage of visit to these sites is dropping every year as mobile devices continue to play a bigger role in children’s online activities, the second most popular category of websites visited in Nigeria by these users is “software, audio, and video.

In Nigeria, this category accounted for 4 percent. Websites with this content have become significantly more popular since last year, when it was only the fifth most popular category globally at 6 percent. The top four is rounded off with electronic commerce, representing 1 percent and other websites (religions, recruitment, gambling, lotteries etc taking 1 percent.

The mobile trend is again highlighted in the figures for computer games which is now only in sixth place locally on the list at less than 1 percent at 0.10 percent. As kids continue to show a preference for mobile games rather than computer games, this category will only continue to decrease in popularity on computers over the coming months and years.

“No matter what they are doing online, it is important for parents not to leave their children’s digital activities unattended, because there’s a big difference between care and obtrusiveness. While it is important to trust your children and educate them about how to behave safely online, even your good advice cannot protect them from something unexpectedly showing up on the screen. That’s why advanced security solutions are key to ensuring children have positive online experiences, rather than harmful ones,” adds Anna Larkina, Web-content Analysis Expert at Kaspersky Lab.

The Kaspersky Total Security ( and Kaspersky Internet Security ( consumer solutions include a Parental Control module to help adults protect their children against online threats and block sites or apps containing inappropriate content. In turn, the Kaspersky Safe Kids ( solution allows parents to monitor what their children do, see or search for online across all devices, including mobile devices, and offers useful advice on how to help children behave safely online.






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