By Martin Ekpeke

Nigeria’s Comercio Limited with expertise in the supply, installation and support of computer hardware and auxiliary equipment, has launched its Enterprise Public Cloud that will ostensibly help Enterprises in Nigeria reduce cost of ownership whilst trying to grow their businesses.

Speaking at the launch of the cloud service in Lagos, Comercio’s Chief Technical Officer, Mr. Aderemi Adejumo, noted that the Public Cloud Platform, which he described as the first in Nigeria will offer enterprises the opportunity to move their IT expenditure from a CAPEX to OPEX as well as pay for only service they are rendered.

“The Public Cloud Service we are launching today is on a subscription basis (Pay as you go). It minimises expenditure and create great savings for the medium and large enterprises, considering the economic challenges faced worldwide and especially in Nigeria,” he declared.

He explained that the launch of its Public Cloud will ultimately change the old process, where computing takes takes 4 – 16 weeks to request, get appropriate approvals and procure hardware before installing and configuration of the software

“With our Public cloud platform, the required hardware can be provisioned and available in less that 48 hours. With the flexibility, agility and expansion potential, our clients do not need to have an accurate estimation of the growth and sizing. In a public facing service delivery this is crucial as an inadequately sized infrastructure will guarantee failure whilst an overspeed infrastructure will be a waste of funds,” he added.

In terms of security, Adejumo assured that in the last 18 months of deploying the services, there has been no reports or incidents of breaches, as Commercio goes the extra mile in deploying very sophisticated security setup for both physical and virtual security for the service.

He also argues that overall, there is a greater peace of mind on a local cloud platform such as the Comercio platform. “We have a number of advantages over the notable foreign cloud platforms. Our  platform has a lower latency than offshore platforms. It takes on average less than 25% of the time to retrieve data from an offshore cloud platform,” he emphasized.

Comercio provides a bespoke service, engaging its customers and guide their request to the most optimum solution on its platform. Their services are rendered in local currency. Meaning, there is a stability in payments.

It is not unnoticed that 70 percent of CIOs worldwide are moving to the cloud this year and the total revenue from Cloud computing tripling in the next 2 years.

Comercio Public cloud adheres to international standards like PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data security standards), ISO 27001, (Information security management system) and ISO 9001 (Quality management system).


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