Telecommunications Company, Glo and other key stakeholder’s in Nigeria’s ICT ecosystem has indicated their desire to support the Nigerian Women Digital Agenda Summit and Awards organized by the CENTRE FOR CYBER AWARENESS AND DEVELOPMENT (CECAD) holding August 30th, 2018 at Oriental Hotel, Lekki- Epe Expressway, Lagos.

Also Chief Executive Officers of leading technology companies and other IT savvy as well as technology experts have indicated their interest to attend the maiden edition of the Nigerian Women Digital Agenda Summit and Awards with the theme: “Harnessing the Opportunities in the 21st Century”.

Other partners are the: Association of Licensed Operators of Nigeria (ALTON), Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC), Medallion Communications Limited, National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) and Nigeria Internet Registration association (NIRA).

The event which is first in Nigeria is designed to highlight the huge opportunities available to women in the 21stcentury, accelerate progress and identify Nigerian women across board that have been able to maximize the tremendous opportunities offered by the digital age to better their communities, career and the country at large.

The event will bring together over 700 women and girls from different walks of life to share strategies and map out the future of the Nigerian woman in a digital age.

Announcing its decision to be official sponsor of the event, Globacom Nigeria said that it believes that technology has great role to play in the economic empowerment of the Nigerian woman.

Globacom, founded by Dr. Mike Adenuga Jr. is one of Africa’s biggest fully integrated telecommunications solutions providers, with operational headquarters in Nigeria.

Globacom has been at the cutting-edge of innovation, introducing most of the novel products and services that have shaped the growth of the telecommunications industry in Nigeria in the last 15 years.

Globacom introduced per second billing in Nigeria when competition said that it was not feasible. Consequently, Globacom made it much easier for Nigerians to get value for money by paying only for the exact time spent on calls.

The company also crashed the cost of GSM SIM and tariff from N20,000 and N50 per minute respectively to as low as N200 and 5 kobo per second, thus helping to aggressively boost telephone penetration in the country.

Globacom has also played leadership role in providing tailor-made solutions for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs). The company empowers small and micro businesses with diverse telecom solutions and cloud-based productivity tools to seamlessly grow their businesses.

Globacom is a firm believer in corporate social responsibility (CSR). The company focuses on sport, specifically, football; entertainment; promotion of Nigeria’s arts and culture and poverty eradication.

According to the Executive Director of CECAD, Dr. Bayero Agabi, the 21st century is a period of tremendous information explosion, where science, technology and innovation are no longer treated as stand-alone but have become integral parts of human existence transforming lives and businesses.

The Nigeria Women Digital Agenda Summit and Awards will create a platform where women will x-ray current trends in entrepreneurship, healthcare, politics, businesses, agriculture, social and family lives with regards to how well they have fared in the knowledge economy using technology.

It will also provide the opportunity to better understand the position of women in the economy and society that is being transformed by digital technologies while proffering solutions to some of the factors limiting women from maximizing the opportunities in this new age.


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