Nigeria’s MainOne has partnered the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST), a not-for-profit organization which provides technology training, seed investment and mentorship for the next generation of globally successful African software entrepreneurs to provide high-speed internet access to its Incubator center in Ikoyi, Lagos.

The partnership, according to MainOne, will leverage MainOne’s fiber connectivity, as well as MEST’s seed fund and incubator to foster the growth and success of entrepreneurs by providing work space, high-speed internet, hands-on support, resources and a vibrant community to help start-ups succeed.

“MainOne remains committed to powering up the startup and technology ecosystem in Nigeria which remains underdeveloped. This will foster socio-economic development of Africa through the creation of sustainable businesses and enterprises,” said MainOne’s Chief Executive Officer, Funke Opeke.

She promised that MainOne will continue to support initiatives like the MEST with investments in fibre-optics infrastructure to deepen broadband penetration and create enabling environment for these companies.

Meanwhile, the Director of Investor Relations at MEST, Neku Atawodi-Edun has disclosed that MEST’s expansion into Lagos was in response to the vast amount of talent present combined with the surge in the development on technology in the country. “Our Pan-African network of incubators is aimed at discovering the best tech talent on the continent and providing our existing entrepreneurs the support they need as they expand into new markets across the continent,” she said.

She applauded MainOne’s support in enabling the hub with the capacity to meet the requirements of entrepreneurs who just need the space to focus and work on their big ideas.


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