A Nigerian telecom subscriber, Laolu Alabi has narrated how the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) swiftly aided him to resolve a dispute he had with one of the Internet Service Providers in the country.

Narrating his ordeal on the official Facebook page of the NCC, Alabi said the issue with the undisclosed Internet Service Providers lingered for a while without actually knowing how to deal with it, until a friend advised him to report to NCC.

He disclosed that at first, he was reluctant to report to the NCC as advised but eventually did.

Describing NCC as a breath of fresh air after the issue was resolved and compensation paid, Alabi said: “I had an issue with my internet provider. I wrote to the NCC. Without having to know anyone, the matter was dealt with. Within two weeks of sending in the letter, I was called by NCC, an acknowledgement of my letter was dispatched physically to my house stating that NCC was on the matter.

“Eventually, a meeting was called by NCC in which the zonal coordinator himself was present (Lagos) in the meeting. The matter was resolved and the Internet Provider was cautioned and based on the evidence I presented, they were even made to compensate me!

“What more? NCC Lagos followed up with me to make sure the compensation was done promptly!

“As if that was not enough, a friend complained to me about a similar issue he was having with his internet provider. I told him to take it up immediately with NCC, he doubted (like the average Nigerian will) if that will be of any good. I told him he will be surprised. Actually, he was pleasantly surprised!

“He had pretty much the same experience with the NCC in Lagos and the matter was promptly resolved! Indeed, we are getting there as a nation; all we need is one institution at a time working like they should and NCC currently is surpassing expectation.

“To all the staff of NCC Lagos, I say a big thank you! God bless you for the work you are doing! Government Institutions like yours give us hope that indeed Nigeria is not yet done and our best is yet ahead!”


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