The Managing Director of Nigeria’s owned Galaxy Backbone, Mr. Yusuf Kazaure has stated that the essence of the Customer Appreciating Week is to celebrate its customers, whom he said have been with the company through the years in good times and tough times.

At the just concluded event in Abuja, series of events took place to thank the company’s customers for the continued patronage of Galaxy’s services over the years.

“We thank our customers for their partnership, support and encouragement,” he said.

A major highlight of the Customer Forum was having Customers share their experiences using services from Galaxy Backbone. While customers were very impressed with the level of growth, progress and achievement GBB has recorded in the last few years, the team at GBB were encouraged

Some customers praised GBB’s attention to detail and the level of technical knowledge and desire to resolve issues being shown by the company’s Contact Centre, team, especially in comparison to what is usually obtained from other Contact centres of other service providers.

The Galaxy Backbone Tier III Datacentre, which is the only Tier III Datacentre in the country with a Disaster Recovery/Back-Up  Datacentre in country, was also recognized and praised by some customers who referred to the Datacentre as ‘World Class’.

In attendance at this forum to celebrate GBB’s customers was the Director E-Government, in the Ministry of Communications, Mr. Tope Fashedemi. He shared his experience with Galaxy Backbone prior to his current role and as a member of the Board of GBB. He further encouraged customers to keep up the engagement with Galaxy Backbone so that the goal of creating a digital nation is achieved.

At this Customer Forum, Exceptional Performers from GBB’s Focal Point training were also celebrated and recognized. Galaxy Backbone conducts ICT trainings for staff in ICT departments of most of these organisations. The goal is to ensure that ICT Personnels can conduct first line support at their respective organisations.

As a Service and Customer-centric organisation, Galaxy Backbone ensures that annually the company is recertified as an Information Security Management System (ISMS) and Service Management Systems (SMS) organisation by the International Standards Organisation (ISO). It is along these lines that GBB ensures that service excellence is met at all times.



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