African ICT Foundation appoints Tony Ojobo as President

Tony Ojobo, NCC, Omoniyi Ibietan
Tony Ojobo


The African ICT Foundation, one of the leading Information and Communications Technology group  has appointed Mr. Tony Ojobo, former Director of Public Affairs of the Nigerian Communications Commission as President.

Ojobo’s appointment came after accepting to be nominated to join the Board of Trustee of the Foundation.


In his acceptance letter, Ojobo, who has won several awards within and outside Nigeria for his role in the Nigeria’s ICT ecosystem, said he accepted the appointment with a great deal of excitement.

“It is with a sense of humility that I accept this appointment, knowing that there abounds an array of more knowledgeable and experienced professionals in this field. I feel humbled that I have been considered worthy of this responsibility,” he stated.

He acknowledged that a portfolio such as this no doubt comes with a great deal of responsibility, adding that in the age when ICTs are major indices of economic developments, the continent cannot afford to be sleeping. “It’s high time we woke up to the reality facing us at this time. The advancement of the continent vis a vis the economic development lies with the ICT capabilities of her people,” he emphasised.

He argues that with the level of disruptive innovations facing businesses today, there is a need to assist businesses and governments with policies that can deliver the desired economic emancipation of Africa.



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