How to get a good paying Job in the Tech Industry, By Adedoyin Adedeji

Technology, Adedoyin Adedeji


Unemployment is a real problem across most African countries. Getting a good job is one of the biggest challenges confronting most young Africans. This problem has some of its roots in the educational system that does not adequately prepare young people for the evolving business sector. Our educational system is not doing enough to equip young Africans with the relevant skillsets needed in the industrial sector, this disconnect between the educational sector and the industrial sector continues to be a huge factor in this growing employability crisis.

However, this is just half of the truth about the problem. The other half is the fact that Young Africans are not doing enough to equip themselves with the relevant skills they need. Most would rather hide under the excuse of Government and the educational system’s failure to explain away why they are unemployed or underemployed. The hard truth is that irrespective of your location and educational level, you are primarily responsible for how your life turns out. As millions of young Africans join the labour workforce annually, jobs will get more competitive; the good news is that you have the power and the tools to stay ahead of this massive competition. Helping you understand that power and tool is the reason I am writing this.


First, forget about the popular notion that there are no jobs. There are jobs; the problem is too many people do not have enough skillsets to do these jobs. The Tech industry is one of those industries with a good shortage of skilled professionals. While people are complaining, no jobs, a lot of tech professionals keep switching to jobs with better offers. Some like me choose to work freelance and we are never short of jobs to do. The reason for this is simple, a lot of businesses are leveraging technology to improve their businesses but they are struggling to get the right tech workforce to handle these processes successfully for them. If you are unemployed, the tech industry might just be where you need to shift your attention to if you want to stay ahead of the overcrowded job market.

The beauty of the tech industry compared to most others like engineering, finance, medical and others is that you don’t need four to eight years learning before you get started. You can learn and develop IT skillsets in about 6 months learning on your own. Irrespective of your academic qualifications, if you have good IT skills, companies will rush for you. Below are ways to get started:

  1. Identify the tech skills that match your personality. This is important because your personality plays a big role in how successful you will be in the industry. Find a tech career that matches your personality and it will be easy to succeed.
  2. Leverage the Internet for Learning: The internet provides so many opportunities to learn almost anything you want to learn. The beauty of learning on the internet is that most are free and you can learn at your own pace. Especially for tech, there are a lot of resources you can freely access on blogs, Youtube and free MOOCs.
  3. Find a Tech Mentor: There is strength in numbers, you will move faster if you have a mentor to guide you as you proceed with your journey in this industry. While you learn, find someone experienced in the field that can help you understand what the industry demands and how best to channel your learning experience.
  4. Build your network: Find others in that sector of IT and try to be friends with them. Together, you can all learn from each other, share experiences and expertise. Also through the network, you will get referrals to jobs and freelance opportunities.

There is so much more you need to know and I am glad to inform you about my new book – Choosing a rewarding career in Technology. The book is the definite guide needed by young people to understand how to choose a career in the technology industry and become a successful professional. It provides the reader with the necessary information needed to start a career in the technology industry. This book also equips readers with insights into the growing trends in the tech industry and how best to position their career path for the coming digital revolution. It provides a guide for them to understand their personalities and which tech career choices will be best for them. In the book, I explored various official IT certifications available for these careers and insight into the emerging fields in technology.

Most of the questions you have, you will find answers to them in this book. The book is globally available in print and eBook versions. The print versions are available on Jumia, Roving Heights in Surulere,  Laterna Book Store (VI Lagos), Glendora Bookstore – Ikeja City Mall Alausa (Shoprite) and Amazon Print-on-demand, while eBook versions are available on Okadabooks, iBook, BarnesandNoble, KoboAmazon, and Scribd.


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