The telecommunication industry is the best customer centric sector, where issues pertaining to subscribers are taking very seriously by both the operators and the regulator, the Association of Licensed Telecom Operators of Nigeria says.

This is coming from the perception that most of the regulatory bodies in Nigeria have left their regulatory functions and now turn to revenue generating bodies, thus, multiple taxation and regulation on the telecom industry.

“Despite all challenges, there has not for once be an outage compare to other sectors, where you are put on estimated bills and inconsistence in flight schedules that has made several people missed appointments and valued meetings just to mention a few,” it said.

ALTON reminded the government not to forget that telecommunication operations is not isolated to the ecosystem, arguing that the cost of running business in Nigeria, especially telecoms is triple the cost of running same in Ghana and neighboring countries.

“Almost all agencies of government are after telecommunications, why?  We cannot afford to have crisis in the industry because we operate one network in all networks.

“We are talking about Smart State initiatives and last mile penetration, but some States demands on Right of Way (RoW) is outrageous.  The States supposed to provide infrastructure for operators to lease, but telecoms spent about 70percent of their Capex on Right of Way leaving the remaining 30 percent to build, this is not fair,” it said.


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