Firm launches platform to aid farmer’s productivity
Nigeria’s Agrilet has launched an agricultural platform, it noted will help farmers across Nigeria have access to a larger market, machinery, and thus improved farm inputs.

The platform, which was launched a few days ago by brothers, Victor Yunusa (CEO) and David Yunusa (C00), will also aid the farmers to micro fund, get impressive return-on-investment, fulfillment of dreams, and ultimately increased alternative source of income.

It is targeting the $24.7 billion market in Africa, starting with Nigeria, where farmers struggle to increase yield, tore produce, get their goods to market on time, and secure a fair price for their produce. “This is the problem Agrilet is trying to solve through its platform for micro-funders to invest in farms and food-processing related projects,” the firm said in an email message.

Agrilet has competitive edges over existing market players. The edges include a dedicated personal assistant for investors, farm assistants for farmers, and providing farmers with a truck delivery service and better market price information.



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