Executive Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Professor Umar Danbatta, would provide leading insight and policy direction on, a number of topical issues, trending technologies and innovations, at the 10th edition of the eWorld Forum and Awards. This follows the NCC’s identification with the forum, which enters its 10th year.

The NCC’s endorsement of the forum comes on the heel of a similar one from the Association of Licensed Telecom Companies of Nigeria (ALTON).

The forum has become a must attend as leading IT Expert, Mr Chris Uwaje and new President of Nigerian Internet Registration Association (NIRA), Engr. Muhammed Rudman have also signaled their approval to participate in the panel discussions that follow the lead papers. They join NCC’s Danbatta and ALTON’s Gbenga Adebayo.

Also to provide rich content and different perspectives to the discussions are Engr. Aremu Olajide, former Technical Head of Glo Mobile, and now CEO of ExpertTeam and Gbenga Sesan of Paradigm Initiatives. More speakers are expected to join the rich team of lead speakers and panelists at the event.

The theme of this year’s forum is: Nigeria’s Roadmap to Broadband Everywhere.

The 10th edition of eWorld Forum and Awards come up at 10 am on June 5, 2019 at the Oriental Hotel, Lekki, Victoria Island.

The eWorld Forum’s 10th edition is coming at a time when the Global Broadband Commission is calling on nations and agencies to make investment in digital infrastructure a top priority in order to achieve the goal of connecting the remaining half of the global population.

The Commission is also asking that regulatory framework that encourages competition and innovation, generates investment and benefits consumers should be encouraged to give confidence and certainty for investment, while penetration, connectivity and convergence should be promoted

Aaron Ukodie, publisher of eWorldNews and CEO of Ajomedia, organisers of the event says, discussions at the forum are sure to focus, prominently, around the now trending talks on broadband and the 5G evolution and the various arguments and viewpoints that attend to the new technology platform.

Perspectives on Smart cities and hotspots everywhere vision would be given, and more light would be shed on the state of the Infracos and the last mile vision.

 The role of spaced-based communication in the broadband era and in achieving broadband everywhere vision, and how are telcos meeting and plans to meet the Nigeria’s customers’ expectation and data connectivity would also attract interest of panelists.

By Nigeria’s broadband vision, as espoused by the Nigerian Communication Commission, seamless broadband ubiquity and affordability should be within reach in the next few years, beginning from 2020.

The NCC has put in place robust policies and strategies towards achieving Nigeria’s broadband ubiquity and digital ecosystem, but it continues to update them as technology and innovation in the global market changes.

The NCC is looking towards the Infracos to play key role, besides the irreplaceable roles already being played by the mobile networks, in pushing broadband to homes, public places, villages and cities and the regulator was perfecting its strategies to empower the Infracos to achieve that goal.


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