CyberDome Nigeria has given reasons why it decided to participate in the recent concluded Cyber Secure Nigeria 2019 Conference.

The company, which was the Gold Sponsor at the annual event said it participated because of its focus in offering a full-service solution portfolio to meet all security needs, adding that the Cyber Secure Conference offers a platform to strengthen its focus.

“It was our pleasure to collaborate with the Cyber Security Experts Association of Nigeria at this years Annual Cyber Secure Nigeria 2019. We are happy to be the Gold Sponsors of the event, as it presents a platform for all Information security professionals to interact and network,” said Ran Feit, Director of CyberDome.

The focus of CyberDome’s presentation at this year’s distinguished conference was Automation and Orchestration, believing it is the paradigm shift transforming Cybersecurity Managed Services. CyberDome said the concept is even more powerful in Nigeria, with its severe shortage of cyber security professionals.

CyberDome is a large MSSP and cyber center located in Abuja. The next generation SIEM and Orchestration of all the security applications and HW, provides an easy way to install and manage all cyber technologies in one screen, which will be able to tell the complete story of any attack. The AI and automatic investigation and forensic, provides CyberDome the ability to manage many customers parallel, and provide easy managed system to customers who want to establish their own SOC.

The Cyber Secure Nigeria Conference is organized annually by the Cyber Security Experts Association of Nigeria (CSEAN), a non-profit organisation made up of Information security professionals. The year’s edition focused on implementing cybersecurity and data privacy practices in Nigeria.


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