Terragon, Africa’s fast-growing marketing technology company last weekend brought technology experts together at a free workshop, to discuss the utilization of cloud solutions in driving innovation and growth for businesses in Nigeria and Africa.

The essence of the workshop, according to Terragon is to ensure that Nigerian technology players are efficiently scaling and optimizing Cloud solutions for growth.

Cloud Computing is the delivery of computing services—including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence—over the Internet (“the cloud”) to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale.

At the workshop tagged, ‘Building to Scale: Cloud Wars,’ Terragon convened experts from renowned technology companies such as Terragon, Microsoft, Carbon and Max.ng to share best practices, techniques and tips for leveraging cloud solutions in achieving their growth agenda.

Explaining why the workshop is important, Victor Ichofu, Technical program manager at Terragon said “Local Host is a platform for technology experts to drive thought leadership, industry knowledge and networking. At Terragon, we understand the importance of leading our industry and sharing knowledge in a technology-driven environment.”

“Today, we are discussing how Cloud can be leveraged and optimized to save costs, drive efficiencies and scale. Businesses typically want to scale, adhere to best practices and make the right decisions when it comes to efficiently deploy their cloud infrastructure.

Many organisations utilize cloud solutions, but may not be fully adept at optimizing the infrastructure or taking full advantage of the benefits for their business. At Terragon, our solutions are battle-tested and developed cloud first, we deploy our Machine Learning and Data Engineering processes and scale up our marketing platforms in the cloud, while still complying to all applicable regulation.

We have been doing amazing stuff in the cloud, ensuring data security and scalability at the same time, so you can say we have mastered the science of working in the cloud. This is one of the reasons why we decided to collaborate with Microsoft and others to share knowledge.

We decided to bring in industry experts to mentor and train on techniques and best practices in using cloud solutions like, Azure, GCP and AWS”, Victor said.

A knowledge-sharing platform such as this becomes more important as globally, Africa is seen as not being at the forefront of technology in terms of software and technology talent. The responsibility, therefore, is on industry leaders, to always drive thought leadership, impact knowledge and lead the way.

Terragon which started 10 years ago has offices in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, South Africa and India with more offices being planned in other continents; Terragon has invested millions of dollars in marketing cloud and data analytics technologies to lead innovation in enterprise marketing and cloud solutions in Africa.

At Terragon, “we see ourselves as an innovative brand, taking responsibility for the eco-system and trying to build talent and solutions for the future”.

“In a continent of about 1.2 billion people across a landscape that may be larger than all other continents put together, it is often quite difficult to identify and reach people in Africa.

Our goal is to use data and technology to simplify this process of connecting brands to the African consumer through innovation on the mobile device”.


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