The global smartphone business returns to impressive growth for the first time in two years, with Samsung and Huawei leading the pack.

According to Strategy Analytics, with the total number of 366 million smartphones shipped in Q3 2019, Samsung was up to 8 percent, while Huawei was up by 29 percent, doubling its share of the global smartphone market in the past three years.

The figures show that Samsung shipped 78.2 million smartphones worldwide in Q3 2019, jumping 8 percent annually from 72.3 million units in Q3 2018, lifting its global smartphone market share from 20 percent to 21 percent in the past year.

The growth in sales is attributed to the strong sales of the premium Galaxy Note 10 and mass-market A-Series models, which boosted Samsung’s smartphone shipments and profit during the quarter.

Huawei once again surprised everyone and grew its global smartphone shipments by an impressive 29 percent annually from 51.8 million during Q3 2018 to 66.7 million in Q3 2019. Huawei captured a record 18 percent global smartphone market share in Q3 2019, up sharply from 14 percent a year ago. Huawei surged at home in China during the quarter, as the firm sought to offset regulatory uncertainty in other major regions such as North America and Western Europe.


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