Nigeria’s CWG Plc has advised business owners, especially from the government, technology providers and the financial sector to see data as their most critical asset, saying it is the survival key to their businesses.

CWG’s Business Director, Mr Martin Nwoga, stated this at a Data Management Workshop in Lagos, organized by CWG Plc in partnership with Veritas, one of the world’s leaders in enterprise data protection.

He noted that business can minimize data theft if only they see it as a critical asset. “Organisations need to see data as their life wire and have a data life cycle management, which determines how they back up, when to backup. Thus, our partnership with Veritas, which brought to the fore a unique solution called “Network Backup” that is profoundly efficient and useful for every of organisations’ environment,” he stressed.

He explained that the whole idea of the workshop is to make them organisations understand that there is a technology in a place called Network Backup, explaining that the unique feature of the solution is its simplicity, global visibility, cost-effectiveness and heterogeneous ability because it can work across all networks.

At the workshop with the theme ‘ UNIFIED DATA MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP ’, Nwoga noted that CWG decided to organize the workshop in order to share its experience and thoughts on Data Management as a major driver to achieving digital transformation.

“Every business needs to have a business continuity plan to keep operations going after experiencing a disaster. The centerpiece to every plan is having a backup and recovery solution in place for your company’s data. If something happens to your data, your business may not recover,” he advised.

He emphasized that organisations need to focus more on Data Protection, Data Availability and Data Insight.

Asked what CWG is bringing to the table in this regard, Nwoga stated that CWG as a Gold partner to Veritas, boasts of skilled experts that have been trained on the Veritas solutions, which offers a more trusted data management service that is unique and adaptable for all network infrastructure.

According to him, many organizations do not what exactly to do with their data because it is complex, but it is important to understand that there is a technology called Network Backup that is efficient and can prepare any organization for tomorrow’s business demands.

The Veritas solutions majorly help organizations to make sense out of their data, such that all the data an organization has, irrespective of where they are located will allow them to identify data that are critical for immediate use and those that need to be back up.


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