Padebi Ojomo shares how she successfully transitioned from traditional marketing to product marketing and my unique perspective on the industry’s evolution.

In the ever-changing digital landscape, marketing professionals must adapt their skills and strategies to stay ahead of the curve. As an experienced marketer, I too have made the transition from traditional marketing to product marketing, discovering new challenges and opportunities in the process. This article will share my insights and lessons learned from this journey.

I often say that marketing chose me rather than the other way around. My foray into marketing began in high school, where I sold various items to make ends meet. After gaining experience in retail transactions, I landed my first position as a marketing executive, refining my skills in advertising, public relations, and direct mail campaigns. My passion has always been to create memorable experiences for consumers, and traditional marketing provided me with the chance to work with creative teams, identify target audiences, and develop customer engagement strategies.

Nevertheless, as technology continued to revolutionize marketing, I realized that I needed to evolve. The emergence of social media, mobile apps, and big data analytics altered the playing field, with consumers transforming from passive recipients of marketing messages to active participants. It became clear that I needed to expand my skill set to remain relevant in the industry.

My path led me to product marketing, a discipline that focuses on promoting and selling products by understanding customer needs, preferences, and behaviours. This field heavily relies on data analysis, customer feedback, and cross-functional collaboration, which I found both challenging and invigorating. My entry into digital marketing began with training as an independent consultant and trainer for Digivate 360, a Facebook partner in Lagos, Nigeria. Since then, I have been actively educating small business owners on utilizing Facebook and its associated apps.

The opportunities afforded to me through my contract as a Facebook consultant have been abundant. I found myself in front of decision-makers and business owners, empowering and training individuals both online and in person. A few years into this experience, I was recruited for a product marketing role at a leading ed-tech company in Lagos, Nigeria, successfully making the transition from digital to product marketing.

During this transition, I encountered various challenges. I had to gain an in-depth understanding of the products I was promoting, analyze vast amounts of customer data for informed decision-making, and adapt to a more collaborative work environment involving product marketers, engineers, and designers.

Despite these hurdles, I have thrived in my new role. Product marketing has made me a more analytical thinker and an attentive listener. I now recognize that our customers are our most valuable asset, and by genuinely understanding their needs and preferences, we can develop products that resonate with them and boost sales.

I hope my journey serves as a source of inspiration for traditional or digital marketers seeking to adapt to the industry’s evolving landscape. I urge my colleagues to embrace change, pursue learning opportunities, and always prioritize their customers’ needs. The marketing world is progressing at a rapid pace, but with a willingness to learn and adapt, we can continue to flourish and make a significant impact.


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