Technology-driven bus sharing solution, Plentywaka has unveiled a new sponsorship opportunity that would allow investors to earn a whopping 32 percent return on investment within two years.

According to the company, which provides a reliable, efficient and safe transportation system that connects riders with their rides in minutes, the new sponsorship offer will give Nigerians the opportunity to be part of the business, which have empowered 75 drivers and vehicle assistants and have done over 40,000 rides across 5 routes in Lagos since launching in September 2019.

“Since launch, we have not gone back on our promise to create financial inclusion, and with that in mind, we are excited to bring you the Plentywaka sponsorship opportunity,” the company announced via its newsletter.

The sponsorship opportunity is selling for Unit Price of N30, 000 with a return of 32 percent over two years. The breakdown indicates that 1st 6 months is 8 percent returns; 2nd 6 months is 8percent returns; 3rd 6 months is 8percent returns and 4th 6 months is 8 percent returns + initial sponsorship.

Plentywaka is a bus sharing platform, which allows commuters to schedule their rides from their preferred pick-up locations to their desired destination. The platform, which many Nigerians described as a novel innovation,  kicked off operations on its pilot route being Ajah-CMS-Ajah. It has since expanded routes to other parts of the Island and recently, the Mainland.


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