Nigeria’s Fidelity Bank Plc, has announced that its  SME Forum, which will be aired on various radio stations across Nigeria this morning will share insights on the outlook for the technology industry in Nigeria in 2020.

The programme, which is organized to empower Nigerian entrepreneurs with knowledge, know-how and expertise that will enable them to build successful businesses, will be live on Inspiration 92.3 FM (Lagos), 9:15 a.m. on Inspiration 100.5 FM (Ibadan) and 10:30 a.m. on Inspiration 105.9 FM (Uyo).

Speaking of the essence of the program and the theme  “Outlook for the Technology Sector in Nigeria in 2020”, the bank said technology has essentially become a way of life for billions of people all over the world, stressing that it is difficult to imagine any aspect of our lives that has not been touched by one form of technology or another.

“Technology has become a key driver and enabler of businesses around the world. Amongst other things, it makes businesses more efficient and helps them to deliver their products and services to their target markets in faster, more cost-effective and more personalized ways,” it said.

The bank added that the increasing integration of technology into our lives presents limitless opportunities for businesses in the technology sector, even as the technology sector has continued to witness sustained growth over the years due, in part, to the gradual improvements in the socioeconomic status of Nigerians and the attendant growing demand for technology services.

Despite this, Fidelity bank, however, noted that the technology sector, like other sectors in Nigeria, is fraught with many economic and structural challenges, citing a 2019 survey by the Center for Global Development, a non-profit think tank based in Washington D.C. and London that focuses on international development, and the ONE Campaign, an international non-profit advocacy organization that is committed to fighting extreme poverty.

According to the survey, an average tech company in Nigeria witnessed more than 30 power outages in a month. Meaning, power is just one of the myriad challenges preventing many tech companies in the country from reaching their potential.

The lead speakers for the programme are Adedapo Adewole, a Partner and the Technology Consulting Leader, West Africa, at Ernst & Young (EY) and Chikaodinaka Ezeokeke, a small business owner and the founder of Community Mart Ltd.

Adedapo will shed light on the challenges, trends and opportunities in the technology sector in Nigeria in 2020 particularly as they relate to MSMEs, while Chikaodinaka will share insights on how she intends to tap into the opportunities that the technology sector presents to grow her business in Nigeria in 2020 and beyond.


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