At a time when the Chinese government is still grappling to find a solution to the scourge of the Coronavirus, experts are saying the situation presents an opportunity for vendors offering communications and collaboration services to provide a formidable product pitching.

GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, who provide this background, noted that due to communications and collaboration, leading companies having a presence in China are striving to continue with business as usual.

It cited the example of Google’s employees, who have been asked to either work from home or extend their Lunar New Year holiday while companies like Goldman Sachs, HSBC, and Standard Chartered, Procter & Gamble have allowed their employees who are returning from China with remote working benefits.

“The outbreak of coronavirus in China offers a unique opportunity for vendors offering communications and collaboration services.  However, organizations need to continue to collaborate to remain productive,” said Sunil Kumar Verma, Lead ICT Analyst at GlobalData.

He added that, with organizations promoting remote working, there is expected to be an exponential rise in the video calls/phone calls, as an increasing number of people will be organizing client meetings and internal team briefings via apps or collaborations platforms.

GlobalData estimates the overall communications and collaboration spending in China to be approximately US$40.8bn in 2020. Of this, ‘services’ are estimated to account for 91percent, whereas software/applications are forecast to account for 8percent. This can significantly go up, depending on how long the outbreak continues.

Different sectors are currently feeling the impact of the Coronavirus, with manufacturing companies closing offices, stores, and factories across China as well as restricting employees from non-essential travel to the country.


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