The management of PlentyWaka, Nigeria’s premier bus hailing service provider, is suspending its operation from today, Monday 23rd of March, 2020.

The suspension, according to the technology company is part of its efforts to protect its riders and prevent the potential spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“After careful deliberation of our duty in the face of the COVID-19 Pandemic and as part of our best efforts to protect our riders and prevent its potential spread, we hereby notify the general public that we will be suspending Plentywaka operations across all routes starting tomorrow, Monday 23rd of March, 2020,” a statement shared by the company via email noted.

While advising all Nigerians to protect themselves by washing their hands at all times, using alcohol-based sanitizers, practicing social distancing and only going out when it is absolutely necessary, PlentyWaka added that the suspension of the service is coming on the heels of the statement made by the Lagos State Government laying out guidelines for the operation of public transportation within the state..

“We urge you to bear with us as your safety, and that of our staff is of utmost importance to us. We look forward to resuming operations as soon as circumstances improve,” the statement assured.


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