Nemo, a Warri based mobile app development firm has developed a local application that identifies and displays the distance between a user location and a COVID-19 affected area.

The App tagged Covid2geda, which was developed as part of the firm’s efforts to support the Nigerian government in tackling the menace of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is presently ravaging the world, also gives a constant update of how many people that have been affected by the virus, figures of those who have died as a result of the Virus and those who have recovered from the Virus.

“Apart from giving Nigerian and global updates, the Application, which can be downloaded via, also gives automatic State by State breakdown of the statistic of how the Virus has affected each state in Nigeria,” said Mavino Michael, Chief Executive Ofiecr Apps-pot LLC and the founder of the Nemo team.

A review of the App shows that it comes with a search option to allow users to search for state or country statistics with regards to the COVID-19 information.

With a Geofence technology, users are constantly alerted of Isolation Centres, affected areas and distances from affected areas and Isolation Centres.

Also, users can conveniently in any location take a quick symptom check, view safety tips for the COVID-19 and subsequently call the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCNC) and respective state government as their contact details are embedded in the App.

According to the company, the app will soon receive an update with a CONTACT TRACING, a feature that will help users determine if people they came in contact with, or have contacted the virus or have been exposed to those who have.

Speaking about the App, the business consultant of the Company, Mr. Keston Agboro, noted that seeing the difficult situations in many countries as a result of the COVID-19, the Nemo Team in Warri, South-South Nigeria decided to develop the App to assist in managing the spread of the virus in Nigeria.

“The development of the Covid2geda is a call on every Nigerian to work together to be healthier in the face of the Coronavirus. We have developed the App to help halt the spread of the Virus and to also provide useful information recommended by global health bodies,” he said.

He disclosed that the Nemo Team is looking forward to a partnership with the Delta and other state governments and with the Federal Ministry of Health very soon.


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