I just stumbled on Abike’s outburst over her being excused from an edifice that’s neither hers nor that of the office she commandeers. It made me wonder a lot because I have a fair idea of who Abike is. The recent one made me finalize her being far from who she portrays she is in the public.

Let me tell you, the usual attitude of some Nigerians who use overzealousness to make themselves relevant owing to the fact that there are very few competent and strategic Nigerians who have ventured into politics. Can you see the reason why we have always clamored for Nigerians youths who have appropriate knowhow to join politics?

Abike came to the House of Representatives perhaps on such kinds of opportunities resulting from non-participation of critical Nigerians and those are the same tactics she used to manipulate the house speakers into appointing her chairperson of critical committees with the latest being committee on diaspora for two consecutive terms. This manipulation could be as easy as mesmerizing people with spoken English.

It was the same tactics she employed in getting herself the job to be the MC for the campaigns of 2015 along with Dino Melaye and the latter did much better than her with all the humor he brought on board to cover up her non-resourceful and tactless commentaries. However, because she knows how to be sheepish around people, she was again able to manipulate to becoming the SA to President on diaspora and subsequently sweet mouthing them into making it an Agency of government. But honestly, I personally don’t see anything spectacular that she brings to that sector that she would be thinking so big or even having the wherewithal to drag people like Dr. Isa Ali Pantami.

When it comes to this, it will become incumbent on us to drag her like watchers of the public space who sometimes try to be fair and let people be at least for the sake of their gender. Abike cannot measure up to what she is trying to drag and the facts must be let out.

First of all, I have always known Abike Dabiri to be a Christian for all I care or at best not even identifying with any religion. However, recently when she was wishing Dele Momodu a birthday message, she automatically transformed into Hajiya Kafayat Abike Dabiri and that is in resemblance to the transformation of those political hypocrites exhibit for political exigencies. How then could this person attempt to compare themselves with people who despite holding a critical government office have chosen to stick to their being Islamic scholars, I mean maintaining consistency over who they are? Be the judges here over who has the capabilities of being an absolute LIAR.

Furthermore, the above description of Abike goes contrary to my altercation with her on 3rd November 2019 when I shared with her an article I had written then over the suitability of Dr. Isa Pantami in the 2023 permutations. She got very angry with me and had to block me because she felt it was disgusting if Pantami was going to be vice to Asiwaju Tinubu and that would mean having a Muslim/Muslim ticket. She sounded like someone that is not into Islam very much and here she is trying to transform into Hajiya Kafayat overnight. I don’t get the drift. By the way I still have the excerpts of the chat I had with her.

I consider Abike to be opportunistic and could claim to whatever to get relevance and such kind of person cannot be trusted. I can challenge her to a public debate over whatever she thinks she knows and she will be shocked how she will be shown she is not close to being the smartest or intelligent Nigerians.

She was also bandying staff she is working within her commission and for now we will choose not to enquirer about the process she used in employing them. Whether through an advert or a waiver from the appropriate quarters.

Abike should rather keep quiet and enjoy her privileged position before she will use her own hands to expose her non-qualification into the things she luckily got.

A word is supposedly enough for the wise they say.

Hashim Suleiman can be reached via oneheartnaija@yahoo.com


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