As part of efforts to ensure that the growth of its clients is not dented, CWG Plc has decided to develop engagements with its traditional customers to a level where they are seen as the business partners.

Mr. Olusegun Ajayi, CWG’s Business Solutions Manager, who disclosed this in online interaction with selected journalists earlier this week, noted that seeing the customers as business partners has made CWG a critical stakeholder in driving the growth plan of their numerous customers spread across Sub-Saharan Africa.

“Over time, our engagements with some of our traditional customers have developed to become a business partner relationship. That changes the way we engage these partners by committing medium and long-term resources, thereby making us a stakeholder in driving the growth plan with our partners,” Ajayi stated.

Asked how CWG ensures business solutions from the company are commensurate with goals as well as its priorities, Ajayi revealed that CWG Plc, as the largest system integration company in Nigeria, has business tools that can guide in decision processes, and a combination of two or more of these business tools increases the precision of alignment.

Specifically, he said two of these tools are the company’s five strategic pillars and solution evaluation metrics, stressing that using these tools, CWG determines where a solution fits on its solution evaluation metrics, and then identify the strategic objectives that the solution addresses among the five pillars.

“We stand out in the provision of IT Services. We got here by being consistent in our intention; we presently provide IT services across enterprise IT environments, and in every state in the country. Leveraging our Support Hub, we can deploy skilled resources and provide ‘foot on the ground’ in any location within the country. Our PAN Africa Support also leverages the Support Hub to provide support services in sub-Saharan Africa,” he highlighted further.


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