In a bid to give quality, accessible and affordable education to all Nigerians and indeed Africans, Acadasuite, a learning and school management solution has been launched to offer education to the 13.2 million out-of-school children in Nigeria.

Launching the platform in Lagos, Mr. Iheanyi Enyika, Managing Director of Acadasuite, noted that the digital platform is novel in the sense that it offers quality, accessible and affordable education to all learners in Africa, starting with Nigeria without the underlying limitations (like electricity, Internet and expensive devices.

He explained that Acadasuite, unlike other platforms in its class is robust in such a way that it allows teachers to upload their scrutinized contents for students to access, while also allowing the teachers to access the students’ work remotely.

“The Acadasuite digital platform is being launched at a time, when the future of education has been decided to be online, largely to many factors such the Covid-19 pandemic and virtual learning, which is being promoted globally,” Mr. Iheanyi said.

Hoping that the platform will reach one million students and 10, 000 teachers, by the end of 2022, Mr. Iheanyia added that the platform is designed in such a way that students can decide on the methodology to be taught. Also, the platform is interactive, giving the students the opportunity to ask teachers questions in areas they are not cleared.

The challenges of virtual learning in Nigeria, range from unequal access to technology, unequal access to educational learning resources, power challenge, high cost of education and inequality among disadvantaged children and girl child education.

But Acadasuite has come to the rescue as it targets to customized solar-powered mobile learning devices that will enable students to access the learning contents offline and which will reduce the challenge of internet connection.

The solution will reduce the cost of quality education, make it accessible in rural areas, promote a unified curriculum for schools in Nigeria, contribute to social stability and economic advancement and support disadvantaged children and the girl child education drive.


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