Global Masters Trust Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society Limited has promised to provide Nigerians, who are desirous of financial sustainability and growth daily interests or loans for their businesses.

Global Masters Trust Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society Ltd, a registered cooperative society under the cooperative society regulatory Act of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and has been  in operations since April 2019, also said it will be holding a seminar on Saturday, March 13, 2021 in Ikeja-Lagos that is aimed at educating the general public on the workings of the GMT Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society Ltd.

“As a cooperative society, we strive to meet the basic needs of all our members in areas such as Welfare financing, Business financing, Projects financing and Healthcare financing,” said Engr. Mohammad Kanaan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees and President of the Cooperative.

To meet these needs, Engr. Kanaan said the Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society Ltd has invested its cooperative funds on commercial businesses such as Sharp Sand Dredging, Sales and Supply Business; Real Estate Development/Properties Investment Business; Civil Engineering Contracts/Consultancy Business; Agriculture Business; and Hospitality- Hotel Management and Recreation/Entertainment Business.

Engr. Jah-Tega Julius Obukadata, Vice President/Honourable Executive Director for Marketing, Media and Publicity @GMT

“It’s also very important for you to know that our cooperative society was founded, owned and presently being managed by a group of professionals with expertise in business and finance. This group of people makeup our Board of Trustees known and referred to as Global Masters Shareholders Group. They are responsible for the running of the day to day business and finance management of the cooperative society.

“Since our commencement of operation in 2019, our physical assets comprising of Landed Properties, Heavy Duty Sharp Sand Dredging Machine, Heavy Duty Trucks and other Investments are worth over N367m.

“It should be noted that our physical assets as valued and calculated, are very transparent and verifiable by all interested persons. Our cooperative society has a constitution that regulates the activities of all registered members, who are all mandated to have a copy each.

“Our charitable activities at Global Masters Trust Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society Ltd have endeared us to highly recognized international charitable organizations that we work and partner with. Honestly we look forward to seeing you and working with you in unity as you become part of us here in Global Masters Trust Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society Ltd,” Kanaan said.

Clara Ngozi Onyeocha, Senior Special Assistant (SSA) For GMT On Lagos State Business Affairs, Marketing, Media and Publicity

Also speaking, Jah-Tega Julius Obukadata, Vice President and Honourable Executive Director for Marketing, Media and Publicity said interested members of the public, whether they are students, businessmen/women, civil engineers, building contractors or even general contractors are free to come and partner with GMT Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society Ltd today by becoming registered members of an innovative Cooperative Society described as “the first of its kind here in Nigeria.

On why the Global Masters Trust Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society Ltd invests its funds into Sharp Sand Dredging, Sales and Supply Product Business on daily basis, Obukadata noted that Sharp Sand is among the natural resources gifted to humans by God, adding that it is being dredged on daily basis from the deep Sea or River.

“Sharp Sand Product is highly demanding, sealable and highly profitable,” he said.

On the module adopted by the Cooperative Society, Obukadata explained: “As a registered member of GMT Cooperative Society, you will receive what is called Daily Sales Profits Share Returns of 0.34% per day.

“This is 5.1% profit in 15 days and 10.2% profit in 30 days from our Sharp Sand Dredging, Sales and Supply Business here in Nigeria. And you are free to make withdrawal of your profits/interests after every 15 days.

“You can also choose to terminate your membership with the Cooperative Society after 180 days and then get back your initial contributed capital that was paid by you for the purchase of the Sharp Sand product.”

Engr. Jude Omaavuanye, Executive Director of Research, Planning & Investment, & Secretary of the Board of Trustees @GMT

Obukadata further spoke about a product called the GMT VIP Members Package and emphasized that “As a registered VIP Member of GMT, your share contribution to the Cooperative Society can be you or your team buying a Heavy Duty 10 Tyres Quality Sharp Sand delivery Trucks or a 12 x 12 Power System Hydraulic Sharp Sand Dredging Machines for GMT on a well-prepared and signed MOU with GMT. You will get in Return, 12 per cent profits every month from GMT for life.”

He added that GMT’s vision is to be a leading cooperative society in Nigeria, with dynamic platforms that ensure financial sustainability and growth for its members and affiliates in Nigeria, Africa and beyond.


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