As the globe marks World Backup Day, which was initiated by a hard drive company (Maxtor) that was later acquired by Seagate Technology, the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) said it has decided to join the public in celebrating the day as it aligns with its data protection policy..

Specifically, NITDA believes that this year’s event is timely because data protection is needed more than ever due to the sudden global shift to work-from-home.

In a statement signed Mrs. Hadiza Umar, Head, Corporate Affairs and External Relations, the Nigerian IT capacity building agency disclosed that World Back-up Day aims to raise awareness concerning the role of data in our lives and consequently the importance of undertaking regular data backup.

Data backup is the process of keeping a clean second copy of any important digital content to guarantee availability; even when a computer crashes, cell phones or tablets get lost, data becomes corrupted or gets destroyed by a virus.

Thus, it encourages the public to safely store backup copies of all valuable data from servers, personal electronic devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets regularly.

It advises the public to adopt the following  for data backup:

  • Individuals can back up data daily to an external storage device like Flash Drive, Memory Card, HardDisk Drive (HDD) or Solid State Drive (SSD), or Cloud Storage.
  • Follow the 3/2/1 backup rule with three copies of your data, two on different media types, and one remote copy (cloud storage).

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