The duo of Check Point Software Technologies Cybersafe Foundation has sealed a partnership deal that will help to combat the ongoing cybersecurity skills shortage in Africa, especially among women.

Part of the deal is that Check Point SecureAcademy is providing free education resources to Nigerian charities demonstrating its commitment to diversifying and futureproofing the cybersecurity industry.

The collaboration with Check Point’s SecureAcademy program, which provides free cutting-edge cyber educational content through partnerships with higher learning institutions and non-profit organizations, will see its courses being used as part of Cybersafe’s programme CyberGirls a one-year free initiative designed to equip women between the ages of 18 and 28 with globally sought-after technical skills.

Speaking on the partnership, the Founder and Executive Director Cybersafe Foundation, Confidence Staveley, said: “We are extremely proud of the impact our programmes have had on the lives of many of our fellows, helping young women gain access to life-changing opportunities. Our partnership with Check Point will contribute immensely to our disruptive educational model by providing free quality cybersecurity training to the CyberGirls community.”

Cybersafe Foundation strives to raise awareness about cybersecurity and empowers communities to navigate the digital landscape securely through the power of education. The CyberGirls program is one of its programs that specifically focuses on closing the gender gap in the industry and uplifting those living in underserved communities across Africa, helping them improve their socio-economic position while also combatting the increasing threat posed by cybercrime. The fellowship achieves this by offering its fellows hands-on training, mentorship to become certification-ready, and the chance to partake in a number of internships and shadowing placements.

The partnership with Check Point’s education program SecureAcademy will see the NGO’s fellows gain access to free training, training of Cybersafe teachers, as well as industry-recognized certifications that will accelerate their career.

Through the program, Check Point is already working with over 160 academic partners who serve over 45 thousand students, across more than 60 countries to combat the 3.5 million cybersecurity job vacancies that currently exist globally.

Meanwhile, Pankaj Bhula, Regional Director, Africa at Check Point added: “Education is fundamental to combating the increasing volume of cybercrime both at home and abroad. Partnerships such as this one is key in closing the skills gap and helping to create a future employee pipeline in the cybersecurity sector. We are thrilled to be partnering with an organization that has had so much success in not only this aspect but also one which has made a real impact on the lives of their fellows through upskilling and education.”


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