The Lagos State Government has partnered with Interswitch to develop a revolutionary healthcare platform: the Lagos Smart Health Information Platform (LAGSHIP). This initiative aims to transform healthcare delivery in Nigeria’s largest city.

Nigeria’s healthcare system faces significant challenges, including underfunding and a lack of integration. LAGSHIP seeks to address these issues by creating a centralized platform for medical records. This platform will encompass all public and private hospitals within Lagos.

Governor Babajide Olusola Sanwoolu hailed the project as a groundbreaking development. He emphasized LAGSHIP’s potential to improve access to healthcare services and streamline medical record management. He believes this technology-driven approach will encourage residents to engage more actively with the healthcare system.

Interswitch, with its two decades of experience in digital transactions, brings expertise to securely manage the vast amount of data collected through LAGSHIP. This data will be harnessed from electronic medical records to enhance the healthcare experience for everyone involved. From patients and doctors to administrators and policymakers, LAGSHIP aims to benefit all stakeholders.

The core objective is to bridge existing gaps in healthcare delivery. LAGSHIP will establish a network that connects patients to doctors, hospitals to public health offices, and patients to their own medical data. This robust platform promises to resolve operational challenges faced by hospitals and healthcare providers across Lagos.

Mitchell Elegbe, Founder and CEO of Interswitch, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership. He highlighted the vast potential for improvement in healthcare, similar to the advancements made in digital payments. LAGSHIP represents a strategic intervention towards a more efficient and unified healthcare system.

Dr. Wallace Ogufere, Managing Director of Interswitch eClat (Interswitch’s health tech arm), believes LAGSHIP is a pioneering initiative. It has the potential to significantly improve healthcare management and administration in Nigeria, bringing it closer to the standards of developed countries.

This Lagos State and Interswitch partnership establishes a unique model for public-private collaboration in healthcare. LAGSHIP is expected to serve as a benchmark for healthcare development across Africa.


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