Nigeria’s National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) is teaming up with the Federal Capital Territory Universal Basic Educational Board (FCT-UBEB) to improve how students learn about technology.

This collaboration is part of NITDA’s plan to make sure more people in Nigeria know how to use technology well (digital literacy) by 2027. NITDA chief Kashifu Inuwa said that working with FCT-UBEB aligns with a goal in NITDA’s plan to teach people about technology and develop their skills. Inuwa said that it’s important to use technology in education because students today (who are called “digital natives”) are already comfortable with technology. NITDA has been working to improve education by providing resources and technology to schools across the country.

They also have a program called “Digital Literacy for All” that aims to give everyone in Nigeria a chance to learn about technology. Inuwa also mentioned that NITDA is looking into new technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics, which will be important skills in the future. He suggested that NITDA and FCT-UBEB work together to get students interested in Robotics.

NITDA also plans to ensure digital literacy is a part of the regular school curriculum and give students hands-on experience with AI and Robotics. Inuwa said that NITDA is working with other groups to create programs that will teach digital skills to children who are not in school.

These programs will include food and other benefits to interest children. Inuwa said that this approach will feed children and give them important digital skills so they can succeed in the future.

The head of FCT-UBEB’s debate committee, Dr Alhassan Sule, praised NITDA for making the Nigerian economy more digital. He said that 900 students in the FCT will compete in a debate competition, and the winners will go to a special house where they will be taught about AI and Robotics. This event will be shown live on TV and other media outlets.


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