By Martin Ekpeke

The booming Nigerian technology space gets more traction recently following the visit by German entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors to Lagos, Nigeria, to seek potential collaboration between the two nations.

The recent trip to Lagos was anchored by the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Nigeria (AHK Nigeria) and the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ), and is aimed at bridging the gap between talent and opportunities across continents.

One of the areas of potential collaboration is the Healthcare sector, as Gernot Sümmermann, founder of Cynteract, highlighted: “There are not many physiotherapists in Nigeria.” The German delegates highlighted the shortage of physiotherapists and the need for improved healthcare infrastructure. Regulatory complexities were also a concern, with German entrepreneurs finding it challenging to navigate the business environment.

Nigeria’s Young Talent Pool Impresses

Despite the challenges, the delegation was impressed by Nigeria’s young and vibrant population. Discussions focused on the need to address issues like limited mobility infrastructure and the educational gap between the rich and poor.

Focus on Education and Talent Development

Several delegates emphasized the importance of investing in education and talent development. One entrepreneur suggested creating free spaces for children to explore ideas and connect, while another highlighted the need for high-quality training to equip Nigerians for global opportunities.

Optimism for the Future

Nigerian representatives remained optimistic about the future. The Nest Innovation and Technology Park, which hosted the delegation, proposed government support for educating out-of-school children and building infrastructure to foster creativity.

Communication and Collaboration Key

The importance of clear communication and collaboration for attracting foreign investment was also discussed. The visit facilitated valuable connections between German delegates and over 40 Nigerian companies across various sectors.

Courtesy visit to Olatubosun Alake , Honorable commissioner, Ministry of Innovation Science and Technology

Building a Sustainable Future

The exchange program opens doors for growth, innovation, and mutual prosperity between Germany and Nigeria. Strengthening ties with Nigerian businesses and entrepreneurs is crucial for fostering sustainable economic development and innovation in Africa.

The Nest’s Role

The Nest Innovation and Technology Park played a pivotal role in connecting German delegates with key Nigerian players. “As these relationships flourish, the future holds promise for collaboration and advancement between the two nations,” said Oluwajoba Oloba, founder of The Nest Innovation and Technology Park.

Oloba also proposed to the government to help educate out-of-school children. “We are looking to build infrastructures which provide young children opportunities to explore their creativity,” he added.


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