QNET, a direct-selling company, recently held its V-Convention in Malaysia. The event attracts thousands of attendees globally and is seen as a platform to showcase the company’s commitment to transparency, ethical business practices and entrepreneur empowerment.

Biram Fall, QNET’s Regional General Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa, emphasized that V-Convention allows stakeholders to witness firsthand QNET’s dedication to product quality, ethical business practices, and supporting its distributor network.

Biram Fall

“The convention brings together a diverse group of individuals, including marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and media representatives,” he said at a Thursday webinar organised for Nigerian journalists.

Notably, QNET has invited Nigerian journalists to the event since 2022, fostering a deeper understanding of the company’s operations. Among the journalists are Prince Osuagwu of Vanguard Newspaper and Royal Ibeh of Leadership Newspaper.

Nigerian journalists who attended the convention in Malaysia shared positive experiences during the webinar, where they highlighted QNET’s focus on empowering entrepreneurs, particularly in Africa, and the strong sense of community fostered by the event.

The convention also serves as a platform for knowledge exchange and product launches. QNET showcases innovative products designed to address real-world challenges, such as air purification devices and water filtration systems.

According to Mr. Akeem Ajisafe Abiodun, CEO of Transblue Ltd, V-Convention aims to dispel misconceptions about direct selling and emphasize its potential for building sustainable businesses and achieving financial independence.

Ajisafe further noted that V-Convention 2024 featured the launch of new wellness products and luxury timepieces. The event itself is a celebration of community, bringing together individuals from over 30 countries to share ideas, network, and build connections.


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