The Portsmouth Tech and Cultural Summit is gearing up for an exciting event on August 10, 2024, at the Buckland Community Centre in Portsmouth, UK. Organizers have unveiled an impressive roster of speakers representing diverse backgrounds in technology and culture.

This initiative, spearheaded by Anuoluwapo Gabriel, founder and CEO of Pavolera Technology Limited, aims to empower under-represented communities navigating the UK’s tech landscape. It also seeks to foster collaboration and networking among professionals from various ethnicities.

The event will be co-hosted by popular Nigerian actress, producer, and singer Bunkunmi Oluwashina (known for her role as Agemo in the Netflix film “Jagun Jagun”) and comedian/influencer Woli Arole.

Here’s a glimpse into the speaker lineup:

  • Harry Salami: A British-Nigerian software engineer and tech disruptor with a first-class degree in Computer Science.
  • Egbe Omorodion: Boasts two decades of experience in the construction, engineering, and infrastructure sectors.
  • Alain Claude: A Solutions Architect and Grant Manager who empowers organizations through tech initiatives in Cameroon.
  • Blessing Adesiji: A Senior Developer Relations Engineer and tech solutions content creator with expertise in AI, Blockchain, and software development.
  • Sadeeq Akintola: An experienced data engineer with a proven track record in various technical fields.

The list also features prominent names like Toyyib Adewale Adelodun, Bukki Ojiji, Segun Adeyemi, Subomi Adekoya, Bhavin Shah, Sunny Atuba, and more.

This diverse group promises to spark meaningful conversations and collaborations at the Portsmouth Tech and Cultural Summit.


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