By Martin Ekpeke

Mart Networks Nigeria Limited, one of the leading technology Value Added Distributor, yesterday engaged its partners in Nigeria to showcase the company’s latest technologies, especially innovative enterprise solutions for data centres and small and medium enterprises in Nigeria.

Some of the partners present at the event, organized in Lagos, include vendor representatives from Siemon, Sophos and various product managers and management from Mart Networks.

Speaking at the event, the Managing Director for Mart Networks Nigeria Ltd, Mr. Moiz Maloo, said the Company strives to provide leading edge technology to its customers by partnering with vendors that are leaders in their areas of specialisation ranging from solutions for the enterprise market or even SMB solutions for smaller businesses.

According to Mr. Maloo, Mart Networks prides itself in being a one stop for all IT solutions; distributing products for global tech giants like Sophos, Siemon, Arista networks who are leaders in Network Security, Data Centre Cabling and Data Centre switching respectively.

“In addition to these solutions we also distribute other enterprise solutions from Edgecore (Switching and Wireless), 24 Online (Internet Management), Neox (IP PBX). In addition, we partner with vendors such as Netgear a leader in SME networking solutions for Switching, Wireless, Routing and Storage. Aside that, we have GIGANET (Structured Cabling, SME switches, CCTV), Zycoo (IP PBX) amongst other solutions that needed in the SME space”.

The Managing Director further disclosed that Mart Networks are also looking at launching a training centre in Nigeria through CLC Africa a training entity owned by the Mart Networks Group to help enable partners with training in all aspects of ICT.

Mr. Maloo, further stressed importance of educating the local market on the direction of where the industry is heading.

“We are living in an era where technology seems to control what we do more and more with every passing day. This means the demand for data is growing hence a big demand in IT services and Data centres. This is where the region seems to be heading and urged partners to invest time and resource in the DC space and IOT (Internet of Things)”, he said.

He concluded by saying, “Our key objective is offering cutting edge technology and solutions embedded with in depth training to our partners who can then ensure that the end customer gets the latest technology with the best local support available”

On his part, The Regional Head for Siemon, Mr. Olajide Olagbenro, spoke about cabling and other data centre solutions that Siemon offers.

He went ahead to say that buildings are now becoming smart and many applications like CCTV, lighting, access control and other BMS solutions are moving from their traditional cabling systems to IP based using CAT6A and CAT 7A systems.

He urged all stakeholders in new buildings and retrofits to move to the latest cabling systems to ensure their buildings are ready for the future.

Mr. Opeoluwa Ojumu, SOPHOS product manager for Mart Networks added to the conversation, stressing that all network owners need to pay additional attention to their network security both on premise and on the cloud.

According to him, with a surge in cyber-attacks by hackers “we all need to be more attentive to the vulnerability of our networks and ensure a full audit is done and then implement security on the network. SOPHOS offers an end to end Network security for both networks and end point”.

Networks Solutions Arcitect at the Mart Networks Group, Mr. Sahil Shehri, also highlighted about Arista Networks and Edgecore.

Arista Networks is a leader in data centre switching according to Gartners latest report. Arista runs on an open platform unlike competitors and is very much in the forefront of cloud based Software defined networking.

He mentioned that it is only a matter of time before Arista is the unrivaled leader in the Data centre switching segment, adding that Edgecore Networks also provides switching and wireless for the enterprise market which compliments Arista very well.

Mart Networks Nigeria Limited is part of the Mart Networks group that has a distribution network spanning the Middle East and Africa with over 20 years experience in the industry, having a reach in over 20 countries with local presence in 8 countries and a partner base of more than a thousand partners.


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