Barring any unforeseen, Hawk Eye, one of the most advanced crime management platform with crime reporting and management utility is set for launch in Abuja on Wednesday, August 16, 2017.  The solution integrates the Hawk Eye Mobile phone app for the public, the iPolice mobile app for the officers on the field and a control room dashboard and dispatch functionality.

The system will empower citizens to work with the police in the fight to curb the incidences of terrorism, especially Boko Haram and other violent crimes.

It was developed by Lagos based tech firm Web Assets Nigeria Limited, in partnership with US based tech firms BBGN&K and tech giant Microsoft along with the active collaboration of the Nigeria Police.

Speaking ahead of the launch in Abuja, Mr. Kayode Aladesuyi, Chief Executive Officer, Web Assets, noted that the security challenges facing Nigeria are surmountable with the proper synergy between the security agencies and members of the public; a synergy that Hawk Eye embodies.

According to Mr. Aladesuyi, “Hawk Eye is a demonstration of the commitment of the Nigerian Police to work in partnership with communities and the Nigerian public to continue to improve the security situation across the country.”Hawk Eye is a revolutionary technology because of the enterprise tools it provides police to respond, address and manage crimes reported, he added.

He remarked that Hawk Eye may well be the technology to close the relationship between the citizens and the police, thus providing human intelligence required for more effective policing, crime control and security.

The Tech enthusiast explained that with Hawk Eye, citizens are empowered as a source of human intelligence in the fight against crimes such as kidnapping, terrorism, robbery, human trafficking etc. The system is expected to enhance the community policing plan recently announced by the government to improve security in the country. The project is managed by DIG ICT, Foluso Adebanjo of the Nigeria Police Force. All reporting is ANONYMOUS, the app does not identify nor capture the information of a person filing report.

Citizens can download the Hawk Eye Crime Reporting app for free, select crime type to be reported capture image, video or call for help. The system uses GPS location services on the user’s mobile phone to identify a user’s location for immediate police response.

Hawk Eye truly empowers citizens to report crime anonymously 24/7, stay safe with the ‘find me’ locator and to receive public announcement during emergencies. It equally provides the Nigeria Police with the right resources for effective and efficient response to crimes reported by citizens.

The system is now available for reporting by citizens in FCT and coming to Lagos in September with roll out planned for other States.

Hawk Eye is available in English and Native languages (English, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba and Pidging).

With Hawk Eye access to report crimes and other nefarious activities is only an app click away. He urged Nigeria to ‘Spot It. Report It!’

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