Leading Information Communications Technology services provider, CWG Plc has inked a 5-year partnership contract with the Enugu State Government to help transform the Enugu State Gaming Commission. This contract, which is said to be the first of its kind in Nigeria, has been designed to reposition Enugu State as the National Leader in the effective management and regulation of gaming activities in Nigeria.

Speaking about the partnership deal, Mr. James Agada, Group CEO, CWG Plc, noted that the partnership with Enugu State falls neatly in line with the company’s strategic intent and fits into its new business model, which is focused on solving problems and creating value for partners and stakeholders. “CWG Plc will bring to bear, its 25years experience in building systems, automating processes and the ability to create value for our partners,” he assured.

Mr. James Agada, CEO of CWG Plc

Meanwhile, Mr Udukheli Izebuno, Business Director Government Sector at CWG Plc further explained that the partnership is part of CWG’s effort at identifying several areas where the government’s ability to deliver services or generate revenue are being hampered. “CWG Plc operates to solve problems wherever they may exist; particularly those that appear intractable, but which in the long run will increase efficiency and citizen satisfaction particularly within the Government Sector,” he said.

Izebuno added that the partnership is a vindication of the largest Systems Integration Company in Sub-Saharan Africa’s focus on partnering with Government, Agencies and Ministries.

The term ‘Gaming’ which comprises of casino games, sports betting, various promotions, lottery and lotto games has been estimated to be a N5bn+ a day business in Nigeria. A huge market potential that is yet to be tapped. Which has led the Enugu State Government to seize the opportunities presented by the use of Technology to drive its Transformation agenda; as it provides an unprecedented avenue to streamline the State’s activities in the said sector and ensure protection of investors, operators and consumers.

This Partnership, is at the behest of the Executive Governor, His Excellency, Ifeanyi Ugwuwanyi; with CWG Plc would require that the company deploys customized versions of her e-Permits platform for efficient issuing of necessary permits for operators, premises, agents, personnel and games in the state. The solution will ensure efficiency and fairness to the benefit of all stakeholders. CWG Plc will also provide additional value in consumer protection.

The Enugu State Gaming Commission was inaugurated earlier this year and the Chairman, Chief Harrison Ogara stated that “The commission is carrying out the mandate of His Excellency which in the long run is to transform Enugu State into the premier destination for gaming operators in the country. We will make the commission the most forward looking of all gaming regulatory authorities in Nigeria. The partnership with CWG Plc allows us to do this in a cost efficient way.”

CWG Plc, which is celebrating her 25th Anniversary this year is active in other economic sectors including Telecommunications, Financial Services, Utilities, Health and Financial Inclusion providing platforms, consulting and managed support services to blue chips and SMEs.


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