’ $5.6b will be saved annually If Nigerian implements digitisation of public Sector’ Prof Joy Emagbetere , a lecturer from the Department of Electronic /Electronic Engineering, University of Benin, has said.

The Professor stated this while giving a review of the book publicly presented in Abuja yesterday with the title “Digital Transformation: Evolving a Digitally Enabled Nigerian Public Service”

She defined digital transformation as the process that has a transforming ability to make the system more open and accessible to the citizens.

According to Mrs Emagbetere “We can save $5.6b annually in ICT investment, if we can transform our public sector through digital transformation processes. Adding that “digital transformation is not all about buying computers or having internet,but about integrating the system to avoid duplicity”

Speaking on the book,she said “The book centers on an enabled digital Nigerian Public service. The aim is to digitally transform the public service institutions for improved service delivery and empowerment.

She said the book strives to answer the questions of “why” and “how can” Nigeria start its Digital transformation process.

The Don added that the book highlights the present challenges, develops a strategic plan, and assesses its implementation for Nigeria based on digital key performance indices.

“The book which is divided into three sections gives the basis for the authors writing, outlines the strategy and plan for the concept of digital transformation as it relates to Nigeria’s future and evaluates the performance of the developed strategy for digital transformation using the Nigerian public service as a case study respectively” she said

The Don added that “The author of the book, Edo Jacobs, strongly believes that digital transformation is the way for Nigeria to overcome the high rate of youth unemployment, combating poverty, eliminating opportunities for financial leakages and to increase the standard of living”

Also speaking, the Author, Jacobs Edo said “The inspiration for the book is coming as a patriotic Nigerian and the statistics presented are very glaring and we thought we needed to act,so that the people who are in charge of the various government institutions can take action.

The book is set to help reorganise the economy and also provide a sustainable way to manage the economy,going forward.

“The statistics are coming from different places, the World bank,the UN. And UNIDO and most of them are pointing that we are a youthful population or the E preparedness from the United Nations which puts Nigeria at 171/193 or the one from the World Bank which states there are over 100million people on the Internet .

Rating Nigeria preparedness for digitisation,he said” I might not be able to put a figure to it,but the way things are right now,i can say I don’t think we are doing anything the right way.


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