The mobile phone subscription in Nigeria as at January 2018 is 147 million, the Nigerian Communications Commission has disclosed.

The Director of Public Affairs at the Commission, Mr. Tony Ojobo disclosed this at the NCC Special Day at the ongoing 29th Enugu International Trade Fair, organized by the Enugu Chamber of Commerce, Mines, Industries and Agriculture.

“The Nigeria’s telecom space has continued to display upward growth in terms of Internet and mobile phone penetration. As of January this year, the industry boasts of 100 and 147 internet and mobile phone subscriptions respectively,” he told Journalists.

He added that the social media space has been explosive, giving citizens access to modern ways of interaction.

For broadband, Ojobo noted the penetration is 21 per cent presently, but going by the effort being put in place by the commission in tandem with the National broadband Plan, the country will attain the 30 per cent target by the end of this year.



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