Anthonia Ehanmo

By Anthonia Ehanmo

A number of people have asked what this is about, so I will use this opportunity to explain it to us all, so we are better prepared for subsequent programmes.The CWG D-Coder Initiative is an initiative that generally provides a platform for Senior Secondary School Students to interact with the Technology world, within a Professional setting, with the aim of preparing them for the reality of the work place.

What birthed the concept?

We were aware of certain challenges in the technology industry, these challenges ranged from having capable hands to fill certain positions within the industry, which was a nightmare for the HR team, a disaster to technology solution providers as we needed to rely more on expatriates who are of course, extremely expensive; we also realized that in the long run, it might affect the very fabric that held the technology space within our country.

In deciding how to address this, CWG Plc had set up an Academy, whose core was/is to address the technology gap, equip ‘graduates’ to fit in varying areas of expertise as might be required; however, the mix was quite interesting and at times frustrating for both the students and the lectures.

How so you might ask? We had Graduates who have had no previous encounter with any form of technology other than their mobile phones or television set, wanted to become coders. Having no basic interaction with it and not knowing the diverse range of areas and the commitment or patience needed to actually succeed in it; coming to pay for these trainings and some found it really daunting.

This led to the reasoning that perhaps we could do something about better preparing their minds for the reality of what technology required, its scope and its capabilities. Hence the birth of the initiative. So asides from what the CWG Academy provides, this is more a ‘Catch them young’, get them interested, broaden their horizon and keep them off the streets phase.

This initiative was thus crafted as a means of keeping them (Secondary School Students in Nigeria) away from mischief, in a safe and conducive environment, where they can be groomed by CWG experts, during their free periods; ‘short holidays’ to take an active interest in coding.

This frees parents to go about their daily activities knowing that their children are safe and learning yet again, but ‘FREE’. We believe this experience will better equip them in their actual career choices when they begin to make decisions for the University.

Nothing prepares a Nation for success tomorrow; than an equipped Youth-force. So CWG D-Coder initiative is available every quarter for 2 weeks, during any major school break in the country. All that is required are either school reference letters or Parent’s consent letters and their personal laptops. Let’s stay together and keep our youths active.

Anthonia Ehanmo is the Group Head, Brand & Marketing Communications at CWG Plc



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