The 37th Edition of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC)’s Consumer Town Hall Meeting held today in Epe Town , Lagos State, with the telecom regulator saying the meeting with telecom consumers in Epe, is an effort to ensure that the farthest and remotest areas get information and educated regarding the activities of the Nigerian Communications Commission in order to make informed choices and guard against unfair practices by service providers.

The Director Consumer Affairs Bureau at NCC, Felicia Onwuegbuchulam, in her opening remarks informed the gathering that NCC organized the meeting to inform and educate the consumers regarding the activities of the Commission.

She reaffirmed the supremacy of he Consumer saying that is why we have convened today’s tripartite meeting of the regulator- consumer- service provider.

The Director CAB said, “I believe you all know about the Do-not -Disturb 2442 code to stop unsubscribed to SMS or the texting of help to 2442 to select what VAS messages you wish to receive. Equally important, you can use the NCC 622 Toll Free Line to escalate your complaints unresolved by service providers.”

Ismail Adedigba, Deputy Director Consumer Affairs Bureau NCC said we have come all the way to empower you with information and educate you so that you make informed choices and get value for money exchanged for services. Those services may be data package rate plans and voice/ call tariff plans you subscribe to. Different plans offer subscribers different level validity periods and user flexibility.

We also will like to hear your experiences/ feedback so that we know where to focus our regulatory efforts in order to improve the industry’s regulatory excellence and operational efficiency for mutual benefits; said Adedigba.

He further urged participants to make the best use of this occasion to make their voices heard noting that no complaint is too small or unimportant to call for NCC’s regulatory intervention.

The theme of the event is: Information and Education as a Catalyst for Consumer Protection.

The event concluded with a session for participants to ask questions, make observations, recommendations, and inputs as well as provide feedback for mutual benefits in the industry.


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