CitizenGO, a community of active citizens that seeks to defend life, the family and fundamental rights worldwide has called on concerned parents in Swaziland to boycott MTN services over what it termed support for the homosexual agenda by the telecom company.

The Non-government organization alleged that MTN, by being the main sponsor of Bushfire 2018 Festival, organized by Rock of Hope, is sowing endless seeds of confusion amongst the populace of Eswatini, especially the children who are the future.

“It is with great despair that the people of Eswatini have learnt that MTN intend to promote the LGBTQI agenda during the Bushfire 2018 Festival. Here’s why this is a huge problem. By saying you will promote the LGBTQI agenda you are plunging the whole country and its leaders into controversy by endorsing the controversial concepts of sexual orientation (preference) and gender identity,” CitizenGo said in an email message sent by Ann Kioko.

It also accused MTN of promoting controversy whilst ignoring the real needs of the country, which is food/nutrition, water, shelter, employment, security, quality education, rural electrification, good roads and most importantly the protection of children and the family.

“How about educating the public about violence against women and children and how it can be combatted instead of promoting things that will be of no concrete assistance to anybody at the end of the day?” it questioned.

According to CitizenGo, Rock of Hope that is organizing the Bushfire 2018 Festival is a highly controversial organization that registered with Government by false pretences claiming to be a health entity yet its sole intention is to promote the homosexual agenda.


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