The city of Lagos, South-West Nigeria is set to host stakeholders drawn from banking, telecommunications and other sectors of the Nigerian economy to the launch of the 2017 Nigeria Cyber Security Report.

The launch, which will be held at the Oriental Hotel on 4th June 2017, by 3pm is part of a week long training of members law enforcement agencies on digital forensics and cyber security by Demadiur Systems Limited and Serianu Limited the publishers of the Nigerian Annual Cybersecurity Report.

The report, which is normally a collaborative effort with key industry stakeholders features input from the Nigerian Police Force, Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC), Association of Telecommunications Operating Companies of Nigeria (ATCON), Electronic Payment Association of Nigeria (EPPAN); Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Nigeria Internet Registration Agency (NiRA), among others. Key members of these organizations are expected at the launch.

The 2017 Nigeria Cyber Security Report themed: – ‘Demystifying the Africa Cyber Security Poverty Line,’ was prepared by Serianu Limited in partnership with the United States International University (USIU Africa) and Demadiur Systems Limited.

The report is part of the African Cyber Security Report  covering the countries of Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, Mauritius, Botswana, Lesotho and Uganda. It highlights the latest cyber threats, trends, insights, and other potentially harmful business risks affecting organizations operating in Nigeria and across the Africa continent. It is a comprehensive report draws from a wide range of internal and external security studies research to uncover and explain the top trends that are impacting regional organizations.

The launch of the report, according to the organizers will feature thought provoking panel discussion on the latest developments in cyber security and how to protect organizations and the country against emerging cyber threats.


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