The new elected President of the Institute of Software Practitioners of Nigeria (ISPON), Mr. Yele Okeremi has unveiled the agenda, which he said would move the group forward towards achieving its goal.

Okeremi, who spoke briefly during the handover from the previous executive led by Olorogun James Emadoye, said the new executive will work hard to ensure local software are trusted and patronize globally.

“The major obstacle we have seen in the acceptance of local software is trust. This is what we will largely work on so that locally written software can be accepted globally,” he promised.

Though, he admitted that there are areas to work on, especially capacity, Okeremi emphasized that the wealth of any nation is her reservoir of human capital. This, he assured ISPON will work to build internal capacity of members, so they can see their software business occupying front burners of discourse.

“ISPON, we are encouraged to work on the threshold of hard work, selflessness and commitment to ensure the development of the local software industry,” he added.


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